Email Marketing

According to Gigaom / Extole 2014 research email marketing still remains the mmost effective digital marketing tactics for customer retention at 56% (% confirmed by US digital marketers)

As a business owner, your goal shouldn’t be about selling to a customer once; but instead to serve and keep a customer for life while providing exception service.

In building a kick ass email list, here are some best practice:

1. Start from scratch by building the list from friends and family that fit your target audience (Don’t buy list)

2. Nurture and engage the leads you have by creating solutions to their need and offering them value

3. Implement social media sharing within your email communication. This enables people to share your content especially if they find it valuable.

4. Creating variety of lead magnet/incentive to build your list. E.g. from offering an insightful download to registering for a free consultation. Make your incentive an offer they can’t refuse and make it relevant to your target audience, so you attract the right people.

5. Ensure opt in is enable. (Encourage people to tick the consent box and give permission to receive your communication) especially now that companies have to comply to the general data protection regulation-GDPR

6. Segment your audience based on their entry of interest, market to them accordingly and nurture them through the buying process and beyond. The aim is to build a life time relationship.

7. Create content that is specific to your target audience so you attract, build and grow a list relevant to your market/business.

8. Never ever share the lead data you generated and put measures in place to assure people that their data is safe. If you deserve their information, the least you can do is to protect it. (Most email platforms have a secured storage system) Research this before you implement any.

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